Friday, June 23, 2006

Love Poem #1

You came and visited me in my small second floor efficiency
And said you liked my Chia pet in the shape of Popeye the Sailor Man
I was happy and we chewed on our teeth for awhile
And you said
Maybe this would work better with food
And I said
Well that’s an idea, let me see what I have in the fridge
But all I had was some mayonnaise and a cantaloupe of questionable vintage
We can graze on Popeye the Sailor Man, you said
And I was hurt and went to bed in a huff
Well, not bed so much as the mattress on the floor
You stayed on the couch
And in the morning, you were gone
And my Chia pet stood on the dining room table
Actually the box the mattress came in propped up on cinder blocks
I intend to get a real table someday, honest
But anyway, the Chia pet in the shape of Popeye the Sailor Man
Looking all stoic like a small shrub-like plant
That had just been pissed on by a cat
Mostly because the neighbors cat had jumped through my window again
And pissed on my Chia pet
And tipped over my garbage can to get to the rotten cantaloupe
Fucking cat


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